snapshots, soft update inconsistency

Jay jay at
Thu Jan 20 12:01:10 PST 2005

I've got some filesystem problems on my /usr partition.
Cause:  power failures caused by TWO exploding transformers

I restarted in single-user mode and fsck'd all of my partitions.
Everything looked fine.  

I've got a handful of zero-length files that I can't fix.  "Bad file
descriptor".  I've tried `ls -i` to get the inode number so I can delete
the files via find.  ls doesn't work -- it just returns "Bad file

I then had the bright idea of making a snapshot and running fsck against
it.  I got a few hundred lines of "unexpected soft update
inconsistency". I didn't have fsck repair anything against the snapshot;
I just wanted to see what the output was.

Should I:
	a) run fsck against the snapshot and let it fix things
	b) go back to single-user mode and run fsck
	c) do something else

I'm sure that booting into single-user mode is the best idea, however,
I'd prefer not to do that if possible -- the machine is up and running
and doing it's thing fairly well at the moment.

I still have the undeleteable zero-length file problem, and any
suggestions would be appreciated.  I think it's probably wise to handle
the larger problem first.



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