Basic Info on Wireless Router Installation and Performance

Brian McCann bjmccann at
Thu Jan 20 12:59:29 PST 2005

     FWIW, stay away from Linksys if you can help it.  I used to love
them for basic stuff, but once I wanted to do more advanced stuff like
bridging and having "Client APs", i hit all kinds of problems...even
getting 2 identical APs to talk to each other.  I've gotten D-Link
every since and been happy.  I haven't tried Linksys since Cisco has
taken over and help them fix some of their products, but I don't know
that it's worth the risk.  On that note, you can also get a Cisco
solution if you have the money (separate router and AP)...but
sometimes it's just not worth it.  I just got at NewEgg, a DLink
802.11g pack with a "wireless router" and PCMCIA NIC, with their
"Super G" or whatever it's called technology, for 98 bux...something
to consider.


On Thu, 20 Jan 2005 15:37:07 -0500, Bob Perry <rperry4 at> wrote:
> Just joined an ISP that has agreed to provide residential DSL service.
> Their service is normally limited to commercial operations but they
> made the offer based on the fact that my OS was FreeBSD.
> At this stage we have determined that only one of three phone jacks
> in my apartment is able to sync-up with the DSL.  The options, thus far,
> are to fix the inside phone wiring or install a wireless router.
> I know little about wireless routers but have started some research and will
> continue.  However, thought I would also touch base with the mailing list
> to see what information/experience members are willing to pass along.
> Would appreciate it you would direct me to relevant resource material for
> further review. If you have the time, please respond with your thoughts re
> hardware/software, installation, stability, and security issues as they
> relate to wireless routers and FreeBSD.
> I also just purchased the 5.3 CD set and will replace my 4.9 box with it.
> Thanks,
> Bob Perry
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