Basic Info on Wireless Router Installation and Performance

Bob Perry rperry4 at
Thu Jan 20 12:32:35 PST 2005

Just joined an ISP that has agreed to provide residential DSL service. 
Their service is normally limited to commercial operations but they 
made the offer based on the fact that my OS was FreeBSD.

At this stage we have determined that only one of three phone jacks 
in my apartment is able to sync-up with the DSL.  The options, thus far, 
are to fix the inside phone wiring or install a wireless router.   

I know little about wireless routers but have started some research and will 
continue.  However, thought I would also touch base with the mailing list 
to see what information/experience members are willing to pass along.  

Would appreciate it you would direct me to relevant resource material for 
further review. If you have the time, please respond with your thoughts re 
hardware/software, installation, stability, and security issues as they
relate to wireless routers and FreeBSD.

I also just purchased the 5.3 CD set and will replace my 4.9 box with it.


Bob Perry

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