Anthony Atkielski atkielski.anthony at
Thu Jan 20 06:45:10 PST 2005

Scott Bennett writes:

SB> The recent discussion in this thread causes me to wonder whether
SB> FreeBSD's performance on older, slower equipment could be a
SB> contributing factor to why hardware vendors like Dell and ATI are
SB> willing to provide only limited support for LINUX and none at all
SB> for FreeBSD. After all, if FreeBSD lets a Pentium II w/MMX handle,
SB> for example, a moderately loaded web site or large network firewall
SB> or some other reasonable use and thereby obviating many purchases of
SB> hardware upgrades, why would they want to encourage its use?

An excellent point.  Certainly Intel has shown in the past that it is
interesting in promoting technologies that gobble processor time, and so
logically it and other hardware-oriented companies are not going to be
interested in anything that extends the life of older hardware.


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