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Thu Jan 20 01:29:35 PST 2005

     On Thu, 20 Jan 2005 01:09:10 +0100 Matthias Buelow <mkb at>
>Anthony Atkielski wrote:
>> Indeed, someone in the Third World without the means to buy a new PC and
>> an expensive Windows license could find a junk PC and install FreeBSD on
>And where do you think would they "find" this "junk PC"?
>Don't you think that's a bit condescending?
>Like, "let's give those negroes our old shoes"?

     And so your preference would be that the machines should go to a landfill
rather than to someone who can't afford a computer at all?
>They can perfectly well buy new machines at local retailers (there are 
>some in bigger cities) for a fraction of the money that it would take 
>you to ship'em your old rustbucket.  Why don't you send some money instead?
     You sound awfully willing to spend other people's money.  Perhaps you
should ask them to buy you some texts on economics.

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