Can I set priorities for file transfers

Brian John brianjohn at
Wed Jan 19 20:14:50 PST 2005

Miguel Mendez wrote:

>On Tue, 18 Jan 2005 08:23:58 -0600 (CST)
>"Brian John" <brianjohn at> wrote:
>>I have (I think) kind of a unique question.  I leave my home computer
>>on all day and transfer and share files via a P2P application. 
>>However, sometimes I like to ssh in from work and transfer files
>>between my work PC and my home PC via scp.  Right now it is really
>>slow because it is transferring so much with the P2P apps, that it
>>uses up all of my bandwidth.  Is there any way that I can put a
>>priority on this so that it gives me the majority of my bandwidth when
>>I want to use scp?
>The first thing I'd do is throttle the upload on your p2p program, so
>you don't eat all your b/w. You don't mention which p2p it is, but amule
>let's you do it and some BitTorrent clients have the option too.
>Then you could use QoS, either using IPFW or PF. With PF I'd prioritize
>empty ACKs and then create a queue for ssh with guaranteed b/w. There
>are plenty of PF tutorials and FAQs out there with examples. Daniel's
>page has a lot of info on PF ( Note
>that PF is a FreeBSD 5.x-only feature. It's been ported to NetBSD and
>DragonFlyBSD as well, and it's part of OpenBSD.
Ok, I got pf setup.  However, now I need to add ALTQ support to the 
kernel somehow?  Is that right?  If so, how can I do this?


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