Can I set priorities for file transfers

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> Hello,
> I have (I think) kind of a unique question.  I leave my home computer
> on all day and transfer and share files via a P2P application. 
> However, sometimes I like to ssh in from work and transfer files
> between my work PC and my home PC via scp.  Right now it is really
> slow because it is transferring so much with the P2P apps, that it
> uses up all of my bandwidth.  Is there any way that I can put a
> priority on this so that it gives me the majority of my bandwidth when
> I want to use scp?

The first thing I'd do is throttle the upload on your p2p program, so
you don't eat all your b/w. You don't mention which p2p it is, but amule
let's you do it and some BitTorrent clients have the option too.

Then you could use QoS, either using IPFW or PF. With PF I'd prioritize
empty ACKs and then create a queue for ssh with guaranteed b/w. There
are plenty of PF tutorials and FAQs out there with examples. Daniel's
page has a lot of info on PF ( Note
that PF is a FreeBSD 5.x-only feature. It's been ported to NetBSD and
DragonFlyBSD as well, and it's part of OpenBSD.

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