Re[6]: Can´t access a box remotely

Hexren me at
Wed Jan 19 15:48:20 PST 2005

MB> Hexren:

MB> Also I have another question:

MB> If you look at the handbook it states that if you use ppp, you need to
MB> put router_enable="NO" in rc.conf, because if you enable routed, it
MB> can delete the routes added by ppp. The problem is that if I put
MB> router_enable="NO" in rc.conf, i cant access my box from outside, and
MB> this time is not a dyndns related issue. I don´t have idea that what
MB> could be the cause of this situation. Does it seems familiar to you???

MB> Thank you for all your help!!!

MB> Mauricio.


No it does not.
In my experience just using 'gateway_enable="yes"' is sufficient for
bringing a private LAN online.


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