Tim Niy at
Wed Jan 19 15:11:54 PST 2005

faisal gillani wrote:

>hmmm exactly right .. u know i have a 750MHz Athalon
>with 256MB ram .. & still my processor is 80% idle
>most of the time ..
>i also have some windows server on my network but
>thats a compulsory rather then choice .
>--- Anthony Atkielski <atkielski.anthony at>
>>Jorn Argelo writes:
>>JA> Either way, I never want another server OS
>>again. This is great.
>>If I had to install a dozen more servers today, they
>>would all get
>>FreeBSD.  It makes extremely good use of whatever
>>hardware you care to
>>give it.  Indeed, FreeBSD can turn even junky old
>>PCs into productive
>>systems, since it is fast enough to do useful work
>>even with creaky old
>>hardware.  Of course, this is presumably true with
>>most versions of UNIX
>>(those without a GUI to support, at least), but
>>since my experience is
>>with FreeBSD and it has been uniformly positive,
>>I'll just continue with
>>that.  The thought of going back to a Windows server
>>now makes my teeth
>>chatter with terror--how awkward Windows servers
>>seem now!  (Then again,
>>they seemed awkward even back when I used them
>>regularly--have you ever
>>tried to maintain a distant Windows server over a
>>dial-up line with
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Since we're posting specs and such, my P3 800MHz. w/ 256 RAM does all I 
ask of it, with plenty of room to spare.

FreeBSD 5.3-RELEASE FreeBSD 5.3-RELEASE #2: Sun Dec 19 04:59:10 EST 2004     Niy at  i386

last pid: 77942;  load averages:  0.05,  0.09,  0.08    up 2+17:49:55  
107 processes: 2 running, 104 sleeping, 1 zombie
CPU states:  4.7% user,  0.0% nice,  4.3% system,  1.2% interrupt, 89.9% 
Mem: 89M Active, 49M Inact, 62M Wired, 9092K Cache, 34M Buf, 33M Free
Swap: 650M Total, 69M Used, 581M Free, 10% Inuse

Now, on this server I run:
PF & Nat, serving my entire internal LAN. It is my gateway from the DSL 
to my LAN.
Nfs client and server. It's my file and back up server.
Apache2 W/ PHP and SSl, it's my web server for various projects, and 
acts as a back up web server for a friends project.
MySql (For some database driven web projects, and for virtual domain 
DNS - Zone authoritave and caching.
DHCP - For the times when I need to add another machine to lan quickly.
SMTP, IMAP, POP (and their Secure equivalents) - Handles e-mail for a 
few domains, probably ~5000 mails a day, with all the lists and groups 
some of these people are on. (Myself included).
Spam filtering.
VNC over SSh. & enlightenment (So I can use synergy, since the server and my 
workstation are right next to each other.)
A few eggdrop bots.
Top and PFTop are constantly running, so I can be constantly in awe of 
just how well this thing runs.
A few other random and various daemons for monitoring and the like.
All on a generic + PF kernel. I never did any real kernel tuning. That's 
next week's project.

- Niy.

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