faisal gillani fasi_74 at
Wed Jan 19 11:42:32 PST 2005

hmmm exactly right .. u know i have a 750MHz Athalon
with 256MB ram .. & still my processor is 80% idle
most of the time ..
i also have some windows server on my network but
thats a compulsory rather then choice .

--- Anthony Atkielski <atkielski.anthony at>

> Jorn Argelo writes:
> JA> Either way, I never want another server OS
> again. This is great.
> If I had to install a dozen more servers today, they
> would all get
> FreeBSD.  It makes extremely good use of whatever
> hardware you care to
> give it.  Indeed, FreeBSD can turn even junky old
> PCs into productive
> systems, since it is fast enough to do useful work
> even with creaky old
> hardware.  Of course, this is presumably true with
> most versions of UNIX
> (those without a GUI to support, at least), but
> since my experience is
> with FreeBSD and it has been uniformly positive,
> I'll just continue with
> that.  The thought of going back to a Windows server
> now makes my teeth
> chatter with terror--how awkward Windows servers
> seem now!  (Then again,
> they seemed awkward even back when I used them
> regularly--have you ever
> tried to maintain a distant Windows server over a
> dial-up line with
> pcAnywhere?)
> -- 
> Anthony
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