Connection via proxy

Mervin McDougall mcd_advisory at
Wed Jan 19 14:35:24 PST 2005

I recently had internet service enabled in my dorm and
was given instructions on how to configure my web
browser  to connect via the internet via a proxy
server for Windows XP. I was able to successfully set
up the internet connection for a the Windows side of
my dual boot Windows XP/FREEBSD laptop.

Unfortunately I haven't been as successful on the
FreeBSD  side of my laptop. I have tried setting
mozilla to make use of the same proxy settings as I
used for IE on my windows XP but I am repeatedly told
that mozilla can not find the proxy server. 

I am not sure if there is anything else that needs to
be configured to allow me to connect to the intenet
via this proxy server in FreeBSD. Can anyone give a
hand. I am currently running FreeBSD 5.3

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