Portsnap - fetch fails

Colin Percival colin.percival at wadham.ox.ac.uk
Wed Jan 19 07:30:34 PST 2005

Daren Desjardins wrote:
> I decided to give portsnap a try because we currently run cvsup nightly. 
> After installing the port, I copied the sample portsnap.conf file. When 
> I run portsnap fetch all I get is a 'failed' message after about a 
> minute.

Probably a network problem.  The only way what you report can happen is
if `fetch -q http://portsnap.daemonology.net/pub.key` fails to fetch
anything -- if the key it downloads is wrong, portsnap will complain
about the hash instead.

Try again; if it still doesn't work, try using nslookup and traceroute
to identify the problem.

Colin Percival

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