Building quasi-full vim

José de Paula espinafre at
Tue Jan 18 09:10:54 PST 2005

Greetings all.

I'm trying to build a X11-less minimal install, but one thing I
couldn't do was to build vim from ports without pulling out the
xorg-libraries. Is there a way to do it? The WITH_X11 seems to be
hard-wired in the makefile (setting it to =no on the make command line
doesn't seem to have any effect; the ports system will pull the
xorg-libraries, gtk12... no matter what I tell make to do)... I ended
up building vim by hand, with features=huge but no gui. How can I
configure it via the ports?

(BTW, I'm running a 5.3 release whose image I downloaded and burned yesterday)

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