phpMyAdmin installation troubles.[RE-POST]

Colin J. Raven colin at
Tue Jan 18 00:56:52 PST 2005

On Jan 14 at 16:17, Eric F Crist previously said:

> I'm trying to install phpmyadmin from ports.  I keep getting an error about 
> PDF-Lite-6.0.0p1.tar.gz.  The only files available  now are 6.0.1.  I've done 
> a cvsup, but to no avail.

Apologies for a re-post but this is fairly important, I think.

On behalf of Eric and myself - since within a 24 hour period we both 
encountered precisely the same issue:

Has anyone else experienced this, and/or is there a known workaround?

Regards & TIA,
Colin J. Raven
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