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> Subject: bandwidthd
> Hello, 
> I use a program called bandwidthd to monitor my internet traffic. I've
> configured the program in such a way that I can see how much 
> data traffic is
> used by which ip (at what time of day) for several intervals of time
> (current day, week and year). Bandwidthd gives nice results 
> and statistics,
> however it crashes very often. Furthermore it is not updated 
> very often so
> waiting for an update could take forever. Two thinks might help me out
> - someone has experience with bandwidthd and found the same bug with a
> solution for it

I have the same problem with the program.  It still functions but it does
crash very often.  I talked with the devel about 6 months ago about these
problems, but I never got anywhere with it that was stable.  It use to
have problems running on OpenBSD as well.  I believe that got functional.

I am currently useing IPAudit.

> - or I look for another program in the ports tree with 
> similar functionality
> (but which one...)
> Probably it will come down to the second solution.
> Does someone has any suggestions? 
> Thanks!
> Freek 
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