Configuring X [Fixed]

Mick Walker mwalker at
Mon Jan 17 11:00:11 PST 2005

On Mon, 2005-01-17 at 13:07 +0000, Walker, Michael wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am having a real problem setting up X under FreeBSD 5.3 on a Acer
> Travelmate 280 laptop.
> The laptop uses the Intel onboard i810 video controller, I know Xorg has
> issues with this controller from past experience, so I added the necessary
> line to my /etc/make.conf and proceeded to build XFree86-4. (My ports tree
> is updated as of yesterday afternoon)
> However I can't seem to find a useable mode, when I try to configure X using
> "xf86cfg -textmode" I select the appropriate values, and run the test it
> specifies, the test works great, I get a plain screen with nothing on it,
> and the mouse (touchpad in this case) is working perfectly, but the
> resolution is low, it looks less than 800x600 to be honest.
> If I try to "startx" at any depth setting the screen just goes black and
> locks up, I cant return to the console, and ctrl+alt+del does not restart X.
> I have to turn the machine off and back on manually, which results in the
> boot up sequence complaining about things not being correctly unmounted.
> I have used XFree86 on this laptop before, however that was using FreeBSD
> 5.2.1 and it worked fine. And it also works fine on my desktop machine (that
> to has a Intel i810 controller)
> Does anyone have any ideas where in my setup I am going wrong, or have a
> working XF86Config file for their Intel video controller.
> Regards
> Mick Walker 
> NAAFI Finance International 

Just to update people, I managed to solve my issues by going into my
system BIOS and changing my video memory from 1mb to 8mb.
Thanks to all who replied.

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