running restore non-interactive

Roger 'Rocky' Vetterberg listsub at
Mon Jan 17 05:11:43 PST 2005

Hi list.

   Im trying to setup a machine to mirror its entire drive using 
dump/restore to a secondary drive.
The dump works fine, but at the end of each session, restore always 
asks "set owner/mode for '.'"?. This makes it impossible to automate 
the task, which is what I would to accomplish.
I have read the man-page, browsed the internet and searched trough 
mailinglist archives, but nowhere have I found a way to make restore 
assume that the answer to the question should be 'yes'. I have come 
across a few patches floating around that is supposed to fix this, 
but I would prefer not to use patches against the base system.

   I know that there are other utilities available that could 
probably do this, but Ive been teached that you should always use 
dump when doing full backups of the root filesystem, and Im also 
comfortable using dump and restore so I would like to continue to do 
so if possible.

Any ideas or suggestions?


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