Configuring X

albi albi at
Mon Jan 17 05:25:27 PST 2005

Walker, Michael wrote:

> I have used XFree86 on this laptop before, however that was using FreeBSD
> 5.2.1 and it worked fine. 

hmm, how did you configure it back then ? :)

> And it also works fine on my desktop machine (that
> to has a Intel i810 controller)
> Does anyone have any ideas where in my setup I am going wrong, or have a
> working XF86Config file for their Intel video controller.

did you try XFree -configure ?

an alternative is to use e.g. a knoppix-cdrom (till 3.6 it uses XFree86, 
not sure about 3.7) and if that's giving you a good resolution, then
scp the /etc/X11/XF86* to another machine, and edit the mouse-section to
make it work for your FreeBSD-machine, that is : replace the /dev/mouse
or /dev/psaux etc. into /dev/sysmouse and change the mouse-protocol

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