5.3 Install

Dick Davies rasputnik at hellooperator.net
Sun Jan 16 06:21:32 PST 2005

* Ramiro Aceves <ea1abz at wanadoo.es> [0109 11:09]:
> Lyn Robie wrote:
> >Rarely have I found such an amateurish installation procedure.  It's 
> >obvious you guys are hard put to find anyone competent in the user 
> >interfaces.

<snip "I can't find my ass with both hands and it's all your fault" troll>

> Never heard such a stupid e-mail!
> If you do not like the installer, learn how to fix it and do it!

Sorry, but that's nonsense, it smacks of 'where's the doc'/'read the source'
attitude of a decade ago.

People are allowed to say 'your installer sucks' without having to learn C.
I don't need to sign an NDA to be able to hate Outlook Express.

Although I agree that some constructive suggestions would be useful, rather
than flamebait. 

Incidentally, next time one of these guys posts a 'you suck,bye bye' mail,
can we try to avoid mailing the list about it for two weeks?

If you want to send a 'piss off back to linux' message, you can do it off list.

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