5.3 Install

Ramiro Aceves ea1abz at wanadoo.es
Sun Jan 16 03:08:43 PST 2005

Lyn Robie wrote:

>Rarely have I found such an amateurish installation procedure.  It's 
>obvious you guys are hard put to find anyone competent in the user 
>interfaces.  And after such snobbishly rave reviews for FreeBSD on the 
>web I was expecting better.  I installed on an HP533 I386 with the X 
>Developer package and then discover that the kernel doesn't include the >drivers needed for the Intel 845 graphics chip.  Ahem.  Not exactly 
the >rarest beast in the jungle.  It's perfectly clear to me that you 
guys >are not into winning converts from the Linux camp.  I suppose you 
can >draw some cold comfort from knowing your distro installation is so
>obscure and bugridden that no one outside of the few grizzled old 
>graybeard unix administrators will be able to make a system run.

Never heard such a stupid e-mail!

If you do not like the installer, learn how to fix it and do it! I came
from Linux and found the installer different to Debian installer, but as
soon as I understood it I think it is great! You are the amateurish, not
the installer. Your card is well supported in X window, it has nothing
to do with kernel driver.

You need to read the manual first, you can find it in the install CD, or
in the /usr/share/doc/ directory.

Good luck.

EA1ABZ (ham radio call, is there any radio ham there?).

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