Out of the frying pan...

Joshua Tinnin krinklyfig at spymac.com
Sat Jan 15 21:47:15 PST 2005

On Saturday 15 January 2005 07:23 pm, John <john at starfire.mn.org> wrote:
> Oh, and figure out WHAT is going on with Konqueror.  On some web
> sites, it is just fine and dandy, but on other web sites, it just is
> GLACIAL. I'm talking about MINUTES to render a page.  The CPU isn't
> busy, there's no IO going on - I have NO IDEA what it is waiting for.
>  It's so bad, it stretches credibility.  Then, as I said, on other
> web sites, it's just fine.  Sometimes is stops with 94% loaded and
> just waits a couple minutes - sometimes it pauses with like "12 out
> of 19 image loaded," and sometimes it pauses just as soon as it
> resolves the new URL and connects to the server. VERY odd.

Well, it just told you what's happening. It's waiting to load some 
images and the page won't render until it happens. IIRC, this happens 
because of image tags without size parameters, though I'm not entirely 
sure about that, but the upshot is that the browser doesn't know what 
the whole page will look like until an image downloads, as there are 
often page elements which depend on the placement of other elements to 
determine their own placement. However, AFAIK this is also considered a 
bug, because Konqueror doesn't handle this issue gracefully, so (again 
AFAIR) this is something that the KDE project is working to correct. I 
seem to remember something about this waiting until KDE version 4, 
however. I don't speak for them, so apologies if this isn't entirely 

> So - now back to where things were before my fatal load of Win 98.
> 1) Figure out Sound FreeBSD
> 2) Figure out browers and Plugins for FreeBSD
> 3) Try to get some of apm/acpi working
> 4) Figure out WHY the system won't recognize (not even IDENTIFY)
>    a CD in my laptop multi-bay

Have you tried mount -t cd9660 /dev/acd0 /cdrom

You've probably been through that, but can't hurt to mention it.

BTW, most of this stuff is covered extensively in the handbook, but 
unfortunately I've never had much luck with ACPI, mostly due to my 

> Those were all issues before my switch to 5.3.
> I have a functional laptop again!  YAY!
> Thanks to all, especially you, Andrew, typing with your poor
> wrists!

It sounds like so far so good. I know the feeling.

- jt

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