this IMAP stuff is kicking my @$$...

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Fri Jan 14 17:29:37 PST 2005

On Jan 14, 2005, at 6:29 PM, Chuck Swiger wrote:

> Eric F Crist wrote:
> [ ... ]
>> What I need is a slightly different setup for my users.  As I 
>> mentioned in an earlier email, I want to install an IMAP server.  
>> From what I've gleaned from various sources, I need to change from 
>> mbox format to maildir.  Is this correct?
> No, there exist IMAP servers which work just fine with the classic 
> mbox format.  Take a look at /usr/ports/mail/imap-uw in particular.
>> Also, I've come to the understanding that IMAP uses a totally 
>> different
>> internal MTA, and thus a different user database?
> Many IMAP servers support external databases for holding users instead 
> of, or in addition to, the standard Unix user accounts.  Some use SASL 
> (Cyrus), some use database access via MySQL or some such (Dovecot, 
> Courier, others?).
>> Can someone point me in the right direction?  I've kinda got 
>> courier-imap installed from ports, but I can't log in.  First off, 
>> how can I configure courier-imap to use the system accounts?  If I 
>> can get this, I can probably work through the SSL/TLS for IMAP, 
>> amongst other things.
> If you're having configuration issues with Courier, drop back ten 
> yards and punt by trying the UW IMAP server.  It has zero runtime 
> configuration options, so it basicly can't be misconfigured.  (Well, 
> compile-time options can affect things, but the port will do the right 
> thing for FreeBSD.)
> On the positive side, UW IMAP was written by Mark Crispin, who was one 
> of the authors of the IMAP protocol.  On the minus side, the security 
> history of the UW-IMAP software and the associated MUA pine is 
> somewhat grim-- perhaps best compared to the security woes of 
> sendmail.
> -- 
> -Chuck


Thanks a lot for that advice!  I installed imap-uw, configured a couple 
things, and stuff just seems to work now!  I'm still having some 
problems with imaps, but I can tweak that.  I think I'm going to 
restrict imap to either the web interface, or via VPN only, so imaps 
does me little good at this point.

Thanks a lot for your continued advice!

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