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>It's too bad he's now choosing to be even more antisocial
>by changing his email address to avoid the procmail filters of those
>for whom his rantings have lost their amusementKris

No, I've changed my address because the faggot at keeps 
removing me from the list. 

Why doesn't someone just answer the question? When Watson finally 
admitted publically that 5.x  has networking issues it ended the last
discussion. Just answer the question.

Why are you abandoning support for new hardware in 4.x
when you admit that 5.x is not ready? It makes no sense at all.

Is there some payday down the road for someone? Volunteers or not, 
there is some agenda beyond whats
being stated. FreeBSD "team" doesnt seem to give a rats butt about 
the user base. Their motivations are not to the users, it clearly to 
some corporate sponsor agenda that has nothing to do with end users. 
It USED to be to the user base. Now the user base is just a bunch of 
guinea pigs to test the "new" os which is still 2 years away. If you
want to engage in a 3 year project to fix SMP, you dont subject the
user base to 2 years of using a hacked up O/S in the process while
abandoning the one that works.

All of the hackers lists have gone private, there is no "discussion" of 
what issues are important with the customer base. And all of you 
bubbleheads are just pleased as punch that your USB printer works.
Its really quite unbelievable.

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