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Duo duo at
Fri Jan 14 11:04:19 PST 2005

On Fri, 14 Jan 2005 Freebsd0101 at wrote:

> You really don't know what you're talking about Jerry (as usual), so
> why make comments when you never seem to understand the context?
> He asked a question and the response was "why dont you donate your
> hardware to a freebsd developer".
> What's "juvenile" is that all of you "guys" would rather spend your time
> insulting people than finding solutions to problems. Thats what kids do.

Hold it right there bucko. What comes to mind here is, when people point 
one finger at someone else, there are three more pointing back at you. The 
only one who dosent know what they are talking about here, would be you. 
And, at this point, I would surmise, it's you who's trolling for a flame 
war, more than boris.

I cite:

In which:

A) The developers, people who DONATE their TIME to develop something 
available for FREE were called "stupid", for what? The crime of working on 
5.3, the future, as opposed to DROPPING EVERYTHING IN THE WHOLE damned 
world to fix ONE PERSON's minor issue.

B) Ted Mittelstaedt's comment of "Donate your hardware" is simple to 
understand, if you have neurons even capable of firing. As a matter of 
fact, you convienently leave out what others have mentioned, if it dosent 
work, you can loan or donate hardware. And, what's more, everyone else 
understands that, except for two people:

You and Boris.

The only people doing any of the insulting, are:

You and Boris.

The only person calling anyone names, a truly childish behavior in its own 
right are...three guesses...


You and Boris.

Back when I discovered Free Operating systems, I came to the 
understanding, that, if something dosent work, you have some options:

1) Fix it yourself.
2) Get someone as much tangible data as possible so the problem can be 
3) Loan or donate some of the offending hardware to a developer so it can 
be fixed.

Numerous issues in the early days of LinuxPPC were fixed this way. 
Especially in the area of mac's transitioning from oldworld to newworld 
ROM booting structures.

So, please, spare us your sermon on the mount, about how FreeBSD has lost 
its way, about how it sucks, its not number one in your eyes, we know, we 
heard you the first 32,734,129,121,996 times. It's a free OS, with no 
warranty. Boris's frustration would have been better channeled into the 
following phrase:

"What can I do to get you the information you need to fix, or help me fix 
the issue"

But, instead, he chose to call people stupid, insult them for the work 
they are trying to accomplish, and insulting them for not dropping their 
lives, and other things to fix his problem. Boo hoo. Ill dig you a trench, 
and you can then cry me a river.

All support systems have cracks. And people sometimes slip through. Thats 
a fact of life. One Boris, and it seems, you need to come to grips with. 
No machine, be it one that supports users, or one that runs applications 
are perfect. They break, they can error.

In such cases, you have a number of options:

1) Do what you can to fix it.
2) Go elsewhere.

barring those two options, would you please, please please stop being a 
sock puppet for Boris? It's old, annoying, and the oldest doom and gloom 
cry in the world.



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