bimap instead of public ip and servers

freebsd freebsd at
Fri Jan 14 10:49:19 PST 2005

Hi all,
i have a following problem, probably someone was through this before and
can offer advice.
Now i'm using DSL with static ip address and on my home FreeBSD server
there is group of servers serving my family and friends. Servers are qmail,
djbdns and apache.
I'm doing dns for my domain, mail server and http is also under my full
Now i found cheaper option, but...
Instead of public static ip i'll have only bimap. Provider don't want to
route my public address into his LAN, because he don't want to waste
additional public ip's. Now i have a problem.
I'm not sure, if it will be possible to run DNS server, mail server and
web server in this enviroment. Just now i found, that qmail first checks
if his ip is resolved MX record for domain it's serving and refuses to
start, if it's not. And i'm bimapped, so it's not ;-).
I'll play with this during a weekend, but if someone can help, i'd be
Maybe this is not exactly FreeBSD problem, hope you don't mind ;-).

Thank you in advance

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