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Emon jadukor at
Fri Jan 14 03:55:32 PST 2005

Hello every one

I am nwebie running FreeBSD 5.3

I was tryimg to install the mc-4.6.0_13.tgz pkg but it gave me a
load of depedencies which I had to painfulluy downloaded usinf
my dial-up connection.

#pkg_add mc-4.6.0_13.tgz
pkg_add: could not find package p5-File-Spec-0.90 !
pkg_add: could not find package p5-PodParser-1.28_1 !
pkg_add: could not find package p5-Test-Harness-2.42 !
pkg_add: could not find package p5-Test-Simple-0.47_1 !
pkg_add: could not find package p5-File-Temp-0.14_1 !

Then I had to download gettext-0.13.1_1.tgz & glib-2.4.6.tgz

But now some of the packages were complaining that an older
version is installed & I had no idea how to upgrade these

So in my blind rage I did "pkg_add -vf" on all packages
including mc.

Now mc works but I cannot uninstall it or any of the packages. I
will show you an example.

# pkg_add mc-4.6.0_13.tgz
pkg_add: package 'mc-4.6.0_13' or its older version already
# pkg_delete mc-4.6.0_13.tgz
pkg_delete: no such package 'mc-4.6.0_13.tgz' installed

Now how on earth is that possible?? First it says "older version
already installed" & than it says "no such package
'mc-4.6.0_13.tgz' installed".

I am very new to the world of UNIX, before BSD I had a couple of
months experience with SLACKWARE, & it was pretty cool, I could
install/uninstall/upgrade packages pretty easily. Maybe I
haven't read the HandBoook carefuly..., I don't know... somebody
please tell me how to get this right... please


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