SOLVED! Dial-in PPP FreeBSD 5.3 (was Re: m'gettying closer! (was Re: modem not responding to mgetty)

Timothy Luoma lists at
Fri Jan 14 00:35:15 PST 2005

a minor p.s. to my notes, I forgot this line for the mgetty login.conf:

/AutoPPP/ -     -            /etc/ppp/ppp-pap-dialup

which is crucial to making this work.  Also, you may have to edit 
/etc/passwd manually to get it to accept a shell not listed in 

Otherwise, I reinstalled 5.3 on a new drive today and the dialin seemed 
to work.... EXCEPT that I had changed my home network from 192.168.2.x 
to 192.168.1.x... which wasn't a problem until I dialed in, and 
suddenly there were TWO machines.  YUP, that stopped it 
from working right quick, and I spent about 2 hours trying to figure 
something out on the FreeBSD side, when all it was in reality was my 
local IP.


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