USB Bidirectional printer

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Thanks for your reply,

On 04-Jan-2005 Niy wrote:
>    My printer works fine on USB, in both 4.10 and 5.3. I have an HP
>    Photosmart 1215, but a lot of HPs will work, along with many other
>    printers.

|But do you read on the USB port?The problem is for utilities, not for
|I don't know what is the software for HP but escputil does not work. It
should be used to clean the head, identify the model, make head alignement,
|reports ink levels ...

To be honest, I've never tried. I'm not even sure if there is a utility for
HP printers that will do that. I'll do a little research and try tonight,
and let you know.

- Tim

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