Cut and paste in Emacs

Olivier Nicole on at
Thu Jan 13 06:24:55 PST 2005


There is that strange and annoying behaviours that I have noticed with
Emacs 21.3.1. Other versions I used to use were in the 19ish and had
no problem.

When I select some text with the mouse in Emacs, i can copy it into
another X window application, but I cannot copy it in a Win2K

When I select some text in any other X Window application, I can copy
it into Win2k, so the mechanism select in X, paste in w2k is working.

So now when I want to copy/paste from emacs to w2k, I have to paste in
some other place, select again and finally paste in w2k.

Any clue/help would be welcome.

best regards,


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