Hyperthreading hurts 5.3?

Andrea Venturoli ml at netfence.it
Thu Jan 13 03:07:03 PST 2005

Anthony Atkielski wrote:

> Where these computations in which all threads were doing pretty much the
> same thing?

Not exactly the same algorithm and on different set of data.

> And was it floating-point?


> (Doesn't the processor have just one FPU, or something like that?)

I don't really know (I made this test almost for fun and curiosity), but 
I really supposed this must be true. Anyway I saw both CPU at 100%.

> An AMD processor will also melt or catch fire if the CPU fan fails,
> whereas an Intel processor won't.

In the past.
Nowadays they have some sort of protection.
BTW I've already seen a couple of (old) Athlons with a failing fan; they 
run overheated probably for months with occasional system lockups, but 
they are now working good with a new fan.
I'll stop here, we are going OT (and flaming :)...


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