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Parv parv at
Wed Jan 12 19:32:47 PST 2005

in message <20050109220353.GB275 at holestein.holy.cow>,
wrote Parv thusly...
>   find  /var/db/pkg -mindepth 1 -type d  \
                      ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
                      ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
>   | while read port; do pkg_create -b $(basename "$port"); done

I made a gross mistake in my above reply related to "-mindepth"
option of find(1).  I wanted to find all the directories in
/var/db/pkg w/o recursion in the directories found.  From find(1)

  -mindepth n
    Always true; do not apply any tests or actions at levels less than
    n.  If any -mindepth primary is specified, it applies to the
    entire expression even if it would not normally be evaluated.
    -mindepth 1 processes all but the command line arguments.

If there happened to be a sub-directory -- not the case right now --
in one of the ports, then it too would have been passed to the
pkg_create(1) command given the quoted text above.  Same problem
exits in my previous reply in this thread.

"-mindepth" needs to be changed to "-maxdepth", as in ...

  find  /var/db/pkg -maxdepth 1 -type d  \
  | while read port; do pkg_create -b $(basename "$port"); done

  - Parv


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