finally a crash dump on 5.3

J.D. Bronson jbronson at
Thu Jan 6 06:56:46 PST 2005

I was up for 2wks and today saw this:

Fatal trap 12 - page fault while in kernel mode
Fault write address = 0x418ad66c
Fault code = supervisor write, page not present

Inst Pointer = 0x8:0xc05109d9
Stack Pointer = 0x10:0xe5ea8978
Frame Pointer = 0x10:0xe5ea8994
Code Segment base 0x0 limit 0xffff type 0x1b
DPL 0, PRES 1 def 32 1, gran 1

current process        = 7673 (telnetd)

..I had thought this was SCSI, but I dont have any scsi drives installed 
and was running on IDE.

What do I do with this information now that I finally have it ?

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