Rebooting after kernel panic

Nicolas lists at
Wed Jan 12 09:19:02 PST 2005


I run a small server under FreeBSD 5.3, but it's very unstable (kernel 
panics) and I don't have time to debug it.

So I customized the GENERIC kernel by adding these options, in order to 
automatically reboot the server every time it panics (this is apparently 
NOT the default behaviour in 5.3):

makeoptions   DEBUG=-g

options       KDB
options       KDB_UNATTENDED
options       DDB

But it still won't reboot. It just shows the usual message saying there 
was a page fault while in kernel mode, and a prompt appears on screen. I 
can't reboot from that prompt.

Please tell me why adding KDB_UNATTENDED has no effect and what I should 
do to obtain the desired behaviour.

Thank you.


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