'cause the ports don't work...

craig craig.freebsd at online.de
Wed Jan 12 04:04:41 PST 2005

i've had a good couple of problems installing ports, either because of 
compilation issues, or because they were just not there.
is there something i am missing?

zB, i need to install stlport, and a quick search on www.freshports.org 
shows that it should be as easy as
pkg_add -r stlport-gcc

when i try that, however, it fails real quick with a 'unable to fetch' 
it is not alone in this, some port packages work. some not.

when that fails, i typically go into the relevant /usr/ports/ directory 
and go through the make process.
but for a port whose package failed, more often than not the make 
process fails too.

am i missing something?

i regularly update everything with portupgrade -arR and with cvsup.

(on that note - portversion -l "<" tells me that openoffice is behind, 
but when i try to portupgrade it also fails...)

any suggestions?

craig at small-pla.net

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