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Duo duo at digitalarcadia.net
Wed Jan 12 00:04:43 PST 2005

On Sun, 9 Jan 2005, william gatlin wrote:

> My opinion is that x.org isn't integrated quite well enough yet for prime time. My BSD books don't have the new
> commands and other information to be of any use and the Man pages that downloaded were of no help either.

So, use XFree. ports is still loaded with the XFree86 stuff. Use the old 
stuff. Just because x.org is default, does not mean you are stuck with it. 
I think, by and large, you are being unfair in your assesment. BSD, unlike 
the clones (linux, and their like) is a different kettle of fish.

I love all of my BSD's. From my many FBSD boxes, to my OS X Darwin web 

FreeBSD is indeed ready for prime time. However, I think your assesment of 
what is "primetime" ready is flawed. By and large, you need to be able to 
read, and get "dirty" with things.

> So for now I'm going to try to load Slackware and hope that maybe in a year BSD will be easier to wade through.  I
> have to admit a bit of sorrow in having to do this as I wanted them both on the same machine.

Uhm. Slackware? You can't make FreeBSD work, and you are going to the real 
"roll your own" distro of linux? *shrugs*. I think by and large, you are, 
as I said, being unfair to FreeBSD. Having used RedHat, Debian, and having 
started with slackware many a year ago, I have to say, FreeBSD 5.3 is by 
far, some of the best UNIX experiences I have ever had. From install to 
operation. Documentation is stellar, and I have yet to encounter a problem 
that isint solvable by:

1) Searching the mailing list.
2) Reading the handbook.

I think that says alot.


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