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Kevin Kinsey kdk at daleco.biz
Sun Jan 9 19:08:40 PST 2005

william gatlin wrote:

>So for now I'm going to try to load Slackware and hope that maybe in a year 
>BSD will be easier to wade through.  I have to admit a bit of sorrow in having 
>to do this as I wanted them both on the same machine. 

Dual-booting is rather an advanced topic.  So are several other things
you mentioned in your message (that I have snipped).  Did you follow
procedures and recommende practices from the Project's handbook,
or just G'n'G (Google && Guess?)  GnG is rather a 'Linuxy' way to do
things; FreeBSD has a very solid handbook that touches most major
aspects of system installation and configuration.  It's all I used to
set up my first FBSD Desktop over a year ago (but I was rather familiar
with the installation as I've been using FBSD on servers for almost
four years).

I do realize that I'm assuming that you didn't read or download
the Handbook.  As you mention below, I mean no disrespect either.
However, I'm inclined to think that a person who follows the Handbook
closely will generally be successful in installation and configuration
of the operating system.  If you found chapters or paragraphs or
sentences in the Handbook to be confusing, I'm sure that the
FPD (FreeBSD Documentation Project) would desire to know about
it --- they are at doc at freebsd.org...

>At the same time I wish to communicate my respect and admiration for 
>the great job the BSD community is doing and hope in no way to 
>communicate any disregaurd for everyones efforts. 

I don't suppose you have (communicated disregard, per se). 
However, those individuals who are sensitive to such matters
*may* infer such from your dissatisfaction with the
difficulties you've experienced.  That's human nature; I doubt
that many people who might "flame" you are really upset at
you personally, either.  In the Project's defense, I must
point out that I have found no mail messages to this list
asking for any help with these issues during the past two
weeks.  The individuals who answer questions here could help
with the vast majority of these issues quite well, I think; and,
it's likely they'll still be here when you do decide to try again...

>Right now I have to have Windows up and running also and am watching
>it go into a self destruct mode from somthing that it downloaded from 
>the net all by it's self with no human operator touching it.  There 
>are so many Popups I had to pull the net cable just to stop it.  
>They don't get no respect. 

This is the top problem with M$ machines that my company sees
on a daily basis.  It's called "swiss cheese security" ....  If possible,
use a firewall, and use alternate browsers and email programs;
be sure that you've "Windows Update"d until you're up to date,
and obtain both antivirus and spyware detection programs and
keep them current as well....

>Thank You--------Bill Gatlin   

You're welcome.  I hope you'll be willing to try again soon,
and if so, encourage you to follow the documentation
carefully.  If not, I wish you well with whatever you choose
to use to power your computing experience.

Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.

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