CVSup the port collection

Frank J. Laszlo laszlof at
Tue Jan 11 17:37:44 PST 2005

Olivier Nicole wrote:

>I was trying to cvsup the port collection, but all it did was deleting
>some ports, and never replaced them with new ones.
>I would have thought that the following configuration file would do
>the trick, but it did not. What have I wrong?
>*default tag=RELENG_5_3
ports dont have tags. replace RELENG_5_3 with a period.

>*default base=/var/db
>*default prefix=/usr
>*default release=cvs
>*default delete use-rel-suffix
>*default compress
You shouldnt really only cvsup certain parts of the ports tree. its 
generally not a good idea. ports-all is all you need here. and I dont 
think you will need cvsroot stuff.

    Frank Laszlo

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