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Christian Hiris 4711 at chello.at
Mon Jan 10 04:55:30 PST 2005

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On Sunday 09 January 2005 22:58, Tom McLaughlin wrote:


> My next idea is to use a script on the jailhost which carries out the
> steps for building a jail from the manpage and essentially installing
> over the old jail.  I just wonder how that will affect /etc within the
> jail.  I want many of the changes to /etc that occur in -stable but I
> don't want to overwrite all the changes I have made.  I guess I could
> skip `make distribution' and run mergemaster later.

How I update my jails: 

1. cvsup sources
2. make buildworld and buildkernel (to update host)
3. make installkernel, make installworld and mergemaster
   (to update host)
4. cd /usr/src && make installworld DESTDIR=/your_jail_root_here
   (run from host to update jail)
5. mergemaster -D /your_jail_root_here (run from host to update jail)

> My last idea is to mount the jailhost's /usr/src and /usr/obj
> directories into the jail with nullfs and then after having run
> buildworld on the jailhost, run installworld in the jail and then use
> mergemaster to take care of /etc within the jail.  I've used a similar
> process to update OpenBSD machines over NFS but have never tried it on
> FreeBSD.

Normally you don't need the /usr/obj tree in your jail. However, some ports 
need a set of /usr/src to compile. I for myself prefer to have independent 
sets of /usr/src and /usr/ports inside my jails, so I also run cvsup inside 
my jails.


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