NFS export of evolution

Robert Marella marella at
Sun Jan 9 20:40:18 PST 2005


I am not sure where this problem should go so I am posting to

I have a SOHO set up with several computers running a mix of FreeBSD 5.3
Release and Stable. I have an NFS server set up so that data can be
shared at all of the computers.

I would like to have the ability to retrieve mail from any of the
computers I happen to be logged into. I have tried various permutations
of exporting /home, /home/reg-user, and /home/reg-user/.evolution and I
always get the same error when trying to read mail.

I am able to mount the directory(ies) on the client computers and am
able to call up evolution and see the messages but when I try to read
any message I get this error

Error while Retrieving message 1292 (this number varies of course)

Failed to get lock using fcntl(2): Operation not supported.

I read the man page for fcntl but I didn't get any help out of it. It
was way over my head.

Here is the important bits from /etc/exports

/home/reg-user/.evolution -alldirs

I have also tried -maproot with out any luck. I would think this is
possible but I guess I haven't set up the right conditions or options.
Can anyone help me out?


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