AGP not working on nForce3

Mats Kristoffersen f00makr at
Sun Jan 9 11:38:31 PST 2005

>>>Setting this to 3 tells the driver to try the native AGP first.  I had
>>>trouble with this, and had to compile the agp device out of my kernel
>>>to get it to work right.  Notice below that I set NvAGP to 1.
>>For some reason the sysctl var is set to 3 even though I use
>>Option "NvAGP" "1"
>>in xorg.conf. Setting it manually before starting X leaves it at 1, but 
>>that doesn't help.
> Not sure that makes sense to me; maybe I'm forgetting something.
>>>How did you compile the drivers?  My pkgtools.conf uses the following:
>>>       'WITHOUT_LINUX=yes',
>>>       'WITH_ACPI=yes',
>>>This makes upgrades a little smoother.
>>I've tried WITH_FREEBSD_AGP and the vanilla version. I want linux 
>>support enabled, since I play neverwinter nights now and then.
> That may be why NvAGP overrides to "3".  Using "NvAGP" "1", but
> compiling the drivers with WITH_FREEBSD_AGP should be mutually
> exclusive.  One tells the driver to use the NVidia AGP, the other
> tells it to use the native FreeBSD AGP.  Like I said, you need to pick
> one.  The NVidia AGP is probably the better choice.  You mention below
> that it's already removed from the kernel, but that doesn't make sense
> if you're getting the agp0: console output.  I'm assuming the kernel
> was rebuilt since that config was commented out, but is that config
> the one that was used?

Yes, I recompiled with just WITH_ACPI, and now it's 1 as default.
I even cvsupped world and rebuilt, and now nvidia.ko doesn't try the
agp0 stuff. I guess that's progress, but AGP still doesn't work.

> Then you should definitely not be compiling the drivers with
> WITH_FREEBSD_AGP.  Try recompiling without that config.  Linux support
> is probably not a problem, so don't worry about that.

What would the NvAGP "3" option do, then, if it couldn't fall back on 
nvidia's agp implementation? I supposed it could do both if you built 
with WITH_FREEBSD_AGP. Oh well, it's gone now.

> What do you get from the command kldstat?

Id Refs Address    Size     Name
  1   14 0xc0400000 350800   kernel
  2    2 0xc0751000 1c180    linux.ko
  3    1 0xc076e000 5844     snd_ich.ko
  4    2 0xc0774000 1d4fc    sound.ko
  5   14 0xc0792000 54974    acpi.ko
  6    1 0xc23fc000 27000    pf.ko
  7    1 0xc2450000 2000     blank_saver.ko
  8    1 0xc301a000 479000   nvidia.ko

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