apache.. i can view my index.html on my LAN but not othersoutside my LAN

Matteo Santori matteo at tilde.it
Sun Jan 9 04:11:09 PST 2005

Are you sure the machine which is running apache in visible from outside?


gw (public ip) -> pc-lan1 (private) -> pc-lan2/apache (private)

if you are not doing port redirecting on 80, ppl connecting to you from 
outside will watch the port 80 on your gw (which is close). Then, I 
suggest to redirect icoming connection on 80 on your machine running apache.
You can do it in serval ways, just check what do u use and prefer.
Hope this help,


[ kambing ] zaimie wrote:

> i've read all the faqs, handbook and manual
> i currently have this problem
> i installed FreeBSD 5.3 Release on one of my systems in my LAN network
> And installed Apache 1.3.3
> i did the config and did apachectl start
> i opened up port 80 on my router and link it to the FreeBSD system
> However.. i can view the index.html
> but not others outside my LAN network
> It states Server not found..
> How do i let others outside of my LAN to view the index.html thingy in 
> /usr/local/www/data/
> Thx
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