openoffice on 5.3-RELEASE

nbco nbco at
Fri Jan 7 11:34:28 PST 2005

On Friday 07 January 2005 17:56, albi wrote:
> Duane Winner wrote:
> > We generally do a "portupgrade -a" to upgrade ports unless
> > /usr/ports/UPDATING affects us. How can I get around the openoffice
> > discrepency since a portupgrade -a will always try build it again
> > and end up failing?>
> a dirty solution is to press ctrl-c when OOo tries to build, i know
> from experience that portupgrade simply continues with the rest
> without any complaints :)

Alterntively, set openoffice to be held in pkgtools.conf 
in /usr/local/etc.  I have added the following line:  

HOLD_PKGS = ['openoffice-*']

This entry will prevent portupgrade attempting to upgrade the port.  

If you are using portmanager see this thread to see how to avoid 
portmanager attempting to upgrade a held port:

Hope this helps

> Portupgrade honours this setting.
> but i assume in the Makefile (in the OOo-portsdir) one can put an
> IGNORE somewhere
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