openoffice on 5.3-RELEASE

albi albi at
Fri Jan 7 09:56:07 PST 2005

Duane Winner wrote:

> Thanks! I was able to find OOo_1.1.3_FreeBSD53Intel_install.tbz and get 
> that installed and working.


> I still had the bad user interface fonts, but I found that to be a 
> problem with my xorg config, and I (mostly) fixed it. I sitll have some 
> minor 'ticks' snuggled inside my r's, n's, e's and g characters, but not 
> nearly as bad as before. I just started using Xorg over Xfree86 this 
> week, and apparantly, font handling, or at least the ports are a little 
> different.

i'm using 5.3 on the desktop (daily), and i have no problems with it at 
all, but then again i've installed this from a 5.3 RELEASE cdrom,
and that has xorg as default

perhaps you have to reinstall (portupgrade -rf) a few fonts ?

> Just a couple more questions:
> If I keep my ports tree cvsup'd every day, I'm going to have:
> openoffice-1.1.3         < needs updating (port has 1.1.3_1)
> We generally do a "portupgrade -a" to upgrade ports unless 
> /usr/ports/UPDATING affects us. How can I get around the openoffice 
> discrepency since a portupgrade -a will always try build it again and 
> end up failing?

a dirty solution is to press ctrl-c when OOo tries to build, i know from 
experience that portupgrade simply continues with the rest without any 
complaints :)

but i assume in the Makefile (in the OOo-portsdir) one can put an IGNORE 

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