3ware Esclade 7006-2

Justin England Justin at rapidcity.net
Thu Jan 6 23:37:18 PST 2005

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>>I have downloaded the CLI util and the 3dm2 web interface from 3ware.com 
>>and have been trouble getting them to work.
> Its not totally obvious, but to connect to the 3dmd2, you need to talk
> to it via https, not http. So if you have it on the default port of
> 888, try
> and not

Thanks for the tip... but still didn't work.  I have set the port to 80, 
just to make sure it wasn't a browser issue, but it still doesn't work. 
Again, anybody have any success running the 3ware.com download of 3dm2 using 
a 7006-2 Esclade controller running the 5.3-RELEASE twe driver?



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