Satori Seal - Dale T. McGrosky dale at
Thu Jan 6 10:16:39 PST 2005

I am setting up a web server to handle an interactive web site were my
customers can check inventory, prices, etc. The number of users will be
less than 500. The computer is Intel based server class computer with 2
700 MHz CPU's and 2 gigabytes of ram. 
The web server program will be PARADOX as this computer will access data
through a Sonic wall firewall to our file server. 
Will FreeBSD 5.3 be a good operating system for us that will provide
excellent security?
Any suggestions?
Thank you in advance for your assistance
Best regards,
Dale T. McGrosky
Satori Seal Corporation
8455 Utica Avenue
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730-3809
909-987-8234, fax: 909-945-3005
dale at
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