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kalin mintchev kalin at
Thu Jan 6 02:19:02 PST 2005

ok..  i tried installing 5.2.1 from iso. the same pain...
the machine has energy BIOS v6.00PG
board version tag is:
K7SEM Ver:1.1b 09/28/2001

virus protection is disabled
UltraDMA is disabled for the primary master and slave and the secondary
ones too...   on some posts online disabling DMA in the BIOS is being
offered as a solution but i have only UltraDMA options...
IDE HDD Block mode is enabled..

the primary drive has windows (i think w2k) installed on it which i want
to wipe out. the windows doesn't boot either - basically the blue screen
of death.

at this point the situation is getting rather unpleasant...

my next step is to try to figure out how to update the bios on this board
and see if that will happened at all...

any leads or help will be appreciated.

thanks a lot...

> Hi!
> On Tue, Jan 04, 2005 at 02:23:33AM -0500, kalin mintchev wrote:
>> this is a few days old. i got a reply saying to try floppies but from
>> the
>> INSTALL.txt under the amd64/5.3-REL it says:
>> 1.3 Floppy Disk Image Instructions
>>    Floppy disk based install is not supported on FreeBSD/amd64.
>> like i said i played with bios settings and nothing really worked.
>> can somebody help?
>> thanks..
>> > hi all...
>> >
>> > i'm trying to install 5.3 on an amd machine...
>> > i got the discs and they are ok but when i start the off the disk the
>> boot
>> > stops with BTX halted no matter which boot mode i chose.
>> > i looked on google and i found a few posts about bios issues but non
>> of
>> > that helped - i couldn't find how to disable DMA. the only location i
>> saw
>> > the DMA mentioned was under PnP/PCI configurations => Resources
>> Controlled
>> > by in the bios but there the setting is Auto(ESCD). i tried al the
>> options
>> > there and it still stops at the same place...
>> >
>> > anybody can help?!
>> >
>> > thanks....
> In similar circumstances (but with FreeBSD/i386) I succeeded by
> installing one of the previous releases and upgrading by sources.
> --
> bsam
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