Supermicro Hardware and FreeBSD

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> > None of the new Supermicro hardware I've tried works with Freebsd 
> > 4.10 properly. I've seen that this has been reported by others. 
> > They are all based on the 7520 and 7530 Intel chips. 5.3 works 
> > ok, but a 3.4/800 processor on 5.3 is slower than a 3.06/533  
> > processor on our old 7502 chipset based system with 4.9. What can 
> > be done?
> >Donate one of the systems to a FreeBSD kernel developer.
> >
> >Ted
> Do you really have no contacts at SM or Dell? What kind of a development
> org has no contacts with major vendors? 

It's not a question of not having contacts.  It's a question of
actually defining the problem in a way that a developer can get
a fix on it.

Currently, this is done with the PR mechanism on  Doing
a search of this shows only PR i386/72579, which claims FreeBSD 4.X
doesen't work at all on this chipset, which is contrary to what the
OP was saying.

I would assume if the OP actually read the instructions in the handbook
about how to go about filing a good bug report that they might possibly
get some assistance.


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