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Scott Bennett bennett at cs.niu.edu
Wed Jan 5 16:36:43 PST 2005

     On Wed, 05 Jan 2005 12:37:41 -0700 Danny MacMillan
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>On Tue, Jan 04, 2005 at 10:13:56PM -0600, Scott Bennett wrote:
>>      On Mon, 3 Jan 2005 17:21:06 -0500 Parv <parv at pair.com> wrote:
>> >in message <200501030936.j039arAx022411 at mp.cs.niu.edu>,
>> >wrote Scott Bennett thusly...
>> >>
>> >> I've downloaded the following ISO image files:
>> >> 
>> >> 	5.3-RELEASE-i386-bootonly.iso
>> >> 	5.3-RELEASE-i386-disc1.iso
>> >> 	5.3-RELEASE-i386-disc2.iso
>> >> 
>> >> I've also tried burning the first file to CD-Rs using Windows XP
>> >> Home's own facilities and using Sonic RecordNow! under said
>> >> system, but did not get bootable CDs either way.
>> >
>> >First time i tried the software of same name unknown version (IBM
>> >ThinkPad T42, Windows XP Professional), i selected "Data Disc" and
>> >chose the ISO image.  Well, it did do its job: i got the ISO image
>> >/file/ on the CD.
>> >
>> >After more poking around in the software interface, "Burn Image" or
>> >some such option was revealed under the heading of "Data Disc" or
>> >some such.  And, that too did its job: i got the mini install ISO
>> >image on CD to boot with.
>> >
>>      Thanks for the suggestion.  I've now gone back and found the
>> little green button in Sonic RecordNow! for making a bootable CD.  I
>> then tried it with each of the first two files noted above.  The CDs
>> written via the green button do get a little farther than before.
>> In the earlier case, the machine barely glanced at the CD before
>> deciding to boot from the hard drive after all.  The green button
>> CDs, instead, run far enough to display a message in the upper left
>> corner of the screen that says, "Missing operating system", and then
>> hang.
>This is not intuitive, but you do not want to use the "make a bootable
>CD" function of Sonic RecordNow! to make a bootable CD.  The ISO files

     On what basis is the above statement made if you haven't used
Sonic RecordNow! ?  It certainly looks to me as though the green button
is the *only* way to burn an image (not counting making an exact copy of
an existing CD, of course).  When the green button is used, one can then
use a small file browser panel to select an image file to be burned.  The
files displayed by default are of the following suffixes/types:  .img, .bin,
and .ima.  One can select a display of "All files" in the chosen directory
instead, which is what I did in order to be able to see and choose the .iso
files in question.
     As Robin Becker <robin at reportlab.com> posted here, the version of
Sonic RecordNow! distributed by Dell apparently does not know how to handle
ISO 9660 image files, at least not if they're identified by file name suffix
of .iso (see earlier remarks about file browser panel).  Feh.

>you downloaded are disc images that are already bootable.  If you burn
>a faithful reproduction of the image onto a CD, the CD will be
>bootable.  The way to do that is to burn the image to disc as an
>image, not as a file.  Most CD burning software have an option like

     Well, I was attempting to find a way to do that, thus my original

>"burn image to disc".  For example, Nero Burning ROM SE has this
>functionality in the Recorder menu under "Burn Image...".  I haven't
>ever used Sonic RecordNow! so I don't know where the option is (or

     See remarks above.  Also, I don't have Nero, etc.  I was hoping to
invest as little as possible into software for Microslop's OS and to have
a usable FreeBSD system about a month ago. :-(  Unfortunately, neither my
graphics card nor my wireless card has support under 5.2.1.  5.3 allegedly
will allow me to attempt to borrow the wireless driver from Windows XP for
use under FreeBSD (via NDIS).  The most recent XFree86 and X.org versions
of X11R6 are alleged to have simple drivers for the graphics card (but
probably with no 3D acceleration :-( ), though it isn't clear to me yet
whether the 5.3 kernel supports the communication with the card.  And,
to protect what I am stuck using in the meantime, I bought a disk backup
package that doesn't work right and is falsely advertised by Symantec as
being supported, namely, Norton Ghost 9.0.  Grumble, hiss, grumble, grumble...
I'm beginning to think that software developers who develop applications
for Microslop's OS automatically suffer brain damage in the process.

>even if it has one, though Parv's comments above would suggest that it
>does).  If it doesn't, you are going to need to use some other
>software because burning the image to disc is the only way you will
>get the outcome you want.
     It appears that I have found a way to do it with burncd under 5.2.1.
I'll reply later to the article that gave me the tip to get it to work, and
I'll describe the peculiar, new-but-not-show-stopping problem encountered
along the way.

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