SSH & 5.3 Problems

Rob spamrefuse at
Tue Jan 4 06:23:50 PST 2005

> Brian McCann wrote:
>> Hi all.  On 5.3 and 5.3 RC1 I have this problem where when I ssh in
>> using either a FreeBSD 4.3 box or an older PuTTY client (0.52 is one I
>> experienced it with), I cannot connect.  On PuTTY, it asks for a
>> username, then just exits. On FreeBSD when I put the ssh client into
>> verbose, it appears it can't agree on an auth method, even though both
>> are set to accept and attempt keyboard-interactive.  Upgrading to a
>> newer PuTTY fixed the problem, and it seams to work from FreeBSD 4.10.
>>  I've seen some posts from people that upgrading their PuTTY fixed the
>> problem, but I'm curious if anyone knows the cause of the problem, and
>> possibly how to fix it, on the server end.

Same problem occurred here with other SSH programs for Windows that
connect to FreeBSD PC. When upgrading from 4.10 to 5.3, suddenly the
Windows PCs could not connect anymore , with a similar error as you
get. Upgrading was the solution. I never tried to downgrade the newer
SSH version on FreeBSD to handle old versions; I considered the reverse
a better way :).

Curiously: a nother PC running 4.10 had no problems to connect to 5.3.
Only Windows' SSH programs had such problems.


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