burning 5.3-RELEASE CDs

Scott Bennett bennett at cs.niu.edu
Mon Jan 3 01:37:10 PST 2005

     Apparently, I'm going to have to install 5.3 even before I get 5.2.1 into
usable shape in order to be able to try NDIS.  Sigh.  I've downloaded the
following ISO image files:


I've also tried burning the first file to CD-Rs using Windows XP Home's own
facilities and using Sonic RecordNow! under said system, but did not get
bootable CDs either way.  I also tried mounting the Windows partition onto /mnt
under 5.2.1 and using the burncd command to burn the first file onto a CD-RW
and, later, the second file onto a CD-RW.  Neither attempt gave me a bootable
CD.  I've also looked in the _FreeBSD_Handbook_ that came with the 5.2.1 CDs,
but did not find explicit instructions on how to make bootable CDs, just some
limited instructions on making bootable floppies.
     If someone would be so kind as to email me instructions on how best to
make bootable CDs for 5.3-RELEASE, I'd really appreciate it.  (There's probably
no need to post them to the list.)  Over a month has passed, and I still don't
have a usable FreeBSD system (no wireless networking, no graphics support).
It's getting to be really depressing.
     Thanks in advance for any help you can send.

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